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Alex Sebastian, Wilderness/Adventure/Travel Photographer

My passion for landscape, travel and adventure photography began in 1969 when my parents took my sister and I, ages eight and twelve respectively, on a 2-month sojourn through East and South Africa. Since then I have had the privilege of traveling through every continent except Antarctica.

It was during that very first trip to Africa that I began to develop a sense of experience, of the relationship of the photographer to natural world, with respect for the communities inhabiting the places through which I passed, and what would become a lifelong study in how the act of capturing a moment in time relates to the very essence of living in the moment.

It brings me great joy to share my experiences with others, whether family, friends or complete strangers, through my photographs. Often they are folks with whom I shared an amazing adventure - and my photographs document a wide variety of elements of that time together. At other times, I travel alone bearing witness to nature and other ways of life, and making photographs to hopefully be enjoyed by those who have not had the good fortune to travel there, yet.

I am so appreciative to have lived in a time when film was the only choice and to get a start in the analog darkroom. Film is unquestionably venerable but it has distinct limitations in its ability to capture the range of light. The digital age has allowed the Lightroom to travel with me which has opened up a new world. Previously I might not have known for weeks or months what my camera had captured. That has now been replaced with immediate feedback and an opportunity to share with others in almost real time. To relax in a Nepalese tea house developing photographs in the digital Lightroom that same day provides an improved chance to recreate the image as I truly experienced it.

Although my work has received recognition and awards, it is the personal satisfaction of continually improving as an artist as well as the chance to share with others that has resulted in a lifelong pursuit of photography. I intend to continue making photographs until I no longer have the strength to lift a camera.

Alex Sebastian
(707) 495-6116